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  • Problem with WordPress File Upload

    Posted on April 1st, 2009 Sandeep 2 comments

    I had been having this problem uploading images and what not onto this blog. By default, WP 2.5 presents a Flash uploader (using the SWFUpload library); in case Flash is not available, it falls back to a simple HTML interface. However, when I tried to upload a file, I would get the “Choose file to upload” button but nothing worked after that. Even more annoying was the fact that I couldn’t conveniently fall back to the HTML mode.

    Finally, I found out that WP 2.5 and Flash 10 don’t mix, which was my case. (my provider) is running WordPress 2.5, and I had upgraded to Flash 10 several weeks ago.

    So what was the fix? Whenever I want to upload a file, under Firefox, I go to Tools > Addons > Plugins, and disable the Flash plugin. This makes SWFUpload present me the HTML interface, and I can easily upload files. Once that’s done, I can re-enable the plugin.