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  • The one thing that’s preventing me from switching to IE 8

    Posted on February 5th, 2009 Sandeep 2 comments

    Okay, okay – so it’s still the release candidate, but I am very impressed with the new Internet Explorer 8 from Microsoft. I have been a Mozilla Firefox user for the last few years, having taken back the web since version 1.5 of the browser. One of the most – and I do mean most – annoying bugs in Firefox is bug #348279, which has to do with keyboard accessibility on web pages with Flash and/or Java plugins.

    Now, people who know me can vouch that I am a keyboard guy. Sure, I use the mouse occasionally for places that really need a mouse; but whether it’s writing documents in Microsoft Word or using Visual Studio or Eclipse to develop software, I know my way around keyboard short-cuts. The above bug in Firefox is just too bad. It’s not the case in IE, and I don’t know about other browsers (I tried Chrome, but ditched it like a hot potato – more on that later).

    What’s preventing me from switching to IE 8 completely? One of the major things that’s still keeping me away is the browser’s delay in opening a new tab when I hit Ctrl+T. It’s very noticeable and very annoying. That’s not the case with Firefox (nor Chrome, I’ll have to give you that).

    I tried Microsoft’s suggestion of resetting browser settings to defaults and it seemed to speed up, but after a couple of browser restarts, it’s back to the old behaviour. If Microsoft can fix that, I’ll switch back.