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  • Kirusa Introduces Video SMS

    Posted on February 18th, 2009 Sandeep No comments

    More info over at the press release. I was partly behind the Video SMS initiative, which is currently being demonstrated at the 2009 Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain.

    Funny part is, I still haven’t seen it in action in a real phone. Most of my testing is done on a Windows computer involving simulators and software phones, plus there are the usual network limitations out here in the US.

  • Power is Apple. Or is it Steve Jobs?

    Posted on July 2nd, 2008 Sandeep No comments

    Just found this interesting article over at TechCrunch. So it appears that the new 3G iPhone cannot be activated by you using iTunes, as with the older model. Activation is now in-store only. Wow, I mean, that’s crazy. That’s tying you to AT&T and they are getting away with it. But the only reason they are getting away with it is because it’s the goddamn Apple iPhone 3G.

    A few weeks ago, the lower portion of my old iPhone lost sensitivity. Overuse? I doubt it. Anyway, off I went to the Genius Bar at the local Apple store. The Genius tried convincing me to buy a sleeve for the iPhone, and sort of hinted that I may not get a replacement as the phone had a few scratches and dents. I said I’ll think about it. Anyway, I got a replacement iPhone (and would you believe a girl next to me had the same problem, and she also got a replacement).

    I don’t know if this is a common theme among the first generation iPhones. Anyway, I am glad I hadn’t jail-broken my phone yet, otherwise I wouldn’t have received the replacement. The warranty on this phone lasts till August 2008, maybe after that I’ll give it a try.

  • iPhone DevCamp NYC

    Posted on April 7th, 2008 Sandeep No comments

    There’s an iPhone DevCamp at the Polytechnic University in Brooklyn, NY on Saturday April 19, 2008. I will be attending, and if you’re interested, go sign up at If you’re a member of MoMo-NY, you know what the invite password is already. If not, go sign up and check out the message archive. I am still not sure if I want to dive into Objective C “just so I can develop for the iPhone”, but let’s see.

    Be sure to tag your flickr, technorati, digg, etc. posts with “iPhoneDevCampNYC”.

  • Browser Market Share

    Posted on December 5th, 2007 Sandeep No comments

    (Via Russ)

    WTF? I mean, What The Fuck? I want to know what they’re smoking, because I bet it’s something illegal and messes with their mind.

  • Entry-level GPS Device Shootout for Thanksgiving 2007

    Posted on November 22nd, 2007 Sandeep No comments
      TomTom ONE 3rd Ed Garmin nüvi 200 Notes
    Charging USB/Car Car TomTom+1
    Screen 3.5inch 3.5inch  
    Dimensions 3.8″Wx 3.2″H x 1.0″D 3.8″W x 2.8″H x .8″D Garmin is slimmer
    Weight 173 grams 147.5 grams Garmin is pocketable
    Battery life 2 hours!! up to 5 hours Garmin wins
    Maps USA, Canada, Puerto Rico USA, Hawaii, Puerto Rico TomTom also has MapShare
    Additional memory No card slot! SD card slot Garmin wins
    Lowest Price seen on “teh Interweb” $149.95 $169.99  

    Planning to buy a GPS device this Thanksgiving? Here’s a shootout of the lowest priced entry-level models from the two biggies in the portable navigation market.

    I’m going ahead with the Garmin.

  • New Google Mobile Platform: Operating System, APIs, IM and Mobile Browser

    Posted on November 4th, 2007 Sandeep No comments

    This report from PC World indicates a new mobile platform from Google, targeted at Microsoft and Symbian, and talks of a freely available common core that third-party manufacturers can modify and extend.

    I can just imagine, when the phone is about to crash (for whatever reason), and you get the message: “This message is brought to you by so-and-so.”

  • Nokia Maps

    Posted on September 13th, 2007 Sandeep 3 comments
    Nokia Maps

    Ever since I got my hands on the sexy Nokia N73, I have been playing with Nokia Maps on it. This is my first S60 3rd edition device, but I just haven’t had the time to develop apps for it. Yeah, work has been getting in the way of my hobby :)

    Anyway, the Maps application on the N73 crashed a couple of times, but otherwise has been a useful tool to have for using as an offline GPS. I don’t have a data plan yet — heck, I don’t even have a post-paid plan for the N73 yet. I should get one soon. I used Maps to get to New York City and back. Except for the parts where there were construction works going on, the Maps application showed easy-to-follow directions. The 3D view is very helpful as well.

    The app is slow at times in getting you directions. This is a big drawback when compared to an online mapping application like Google Maps on the Apple iPhone. The iPhone simply contacts Google Maps and gets direction info, but the offline mapping takes its own sweet time on the N73. And if I receive a call when it is calculating the route, sometimes it crashes as well. That happens on the iPhone as well, so I’m not complaining. I haven’t upgraded to the voice directions because it requires a Bluetooth GPS receiver. I want to see how many days I can make it without splurging on a GPS. Let’s see.

  • Nokia Mosh (or MObilize and SHare)

    Posted on August 9th, 2007 Sandeep No comments

    Nokia MoshAs a Forum Nokia member, I got an early-bird invite to Nokia Mosh (now in beta), a mobile sharing community from my favorite mobile company. Being given the opportunity to join another networking site (and, of course, preserve my username), I promptly signed up. The site is described as a user-generated content platform designed for use with any mobile device.

    Any, except the iPhone anyway. The “mobile” version of the site is available at and, the chump that I am, I logged in using the iPhone. Sure, accessing the website is not a problem. But what the frick do you do when you can’t upload or download the content? That’s how stupid the iPhone is, in case you haven’t noticed. Anyway, if I click on the audio content available on Mosh, I can play it on the iPhone. Big whoop.
    Well, I am getting a Nokia N73 Music Edition in a couple of weeks’ time and I am all excited. In the near future, I may probably end up buying a Nokia N95.

    The idea behind MOSH is simple: users should be able to create, collect and share their content and applications without having to bother about the device manufacturer or make. Obviously some restrictions apply here; you can’t expect to download an S60 application and expect it to work on your S40 phone.

    I am still exploring the site. I like it so far.

  • Transferring contacts to your iPhone

    Posted on July 21st, 2007 Sandeep 7 comments

    I was using a Nokia 6680 phone for the last few months. When I got the iPhone, I realized that transferring contacts to it is a two-step process: first, I had to transfer all the contacts on the Nokia 6680 onto my Windows Address Book (over Bluetooth, thankyouverymuch), then I had to fire up iTunes to sync them to the iPhone.

    That’s wrong. That’s so friggin’ wrong. What is Apple’s rationale in not including something as basic as the OBEX profile with Bluetooth? Are we to use Bluetooth only with a wireless headset and nothing more? Or was it something forced down Apple’s throat by AT&T?

    By the way, I did not return the iPhone. I am holding on to it for just a bit longer. There are various reasons, but I’m not going into the details – maybe some other time, but it’s definitely not because I am convinced with it.

  • So there you have it

    Posted on July 17th, 2007 Sandeep No comments

    Best comparison of an iPhone and a Nokia phone.

    Seriously, whoever thought a “smartphone” can do without copy-paste?