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  • Becoming disillusioned

    Posted on March 31st, 2009 Sandeep 1 comment

    After playing with some of the latest phones, I have to say I am becoming a little disillusioned with the whole thing of finding the perfect mobile phone. I think I should just give it up and stick with a basic phone for what it’s meant for: making and receiving calls.

    I think it started with the Google phone, the HTC G-1 from T-Mobile. So many things were wrong on the phone, but that didn’t stop numerous blogs and websites from praising it. True, the phone has a lot of features, but when it prevents me from making a phone call quickly and/or efficiently, that’s when it stops becoming useful to me. Bless those who designed the user interface on this phone.

    When the focus shifts from the user (“we want to provide the user with the best possible gadget/service/thingamajig”) to the technology (“this is so cool, it has GPS, and voice dialing, and maps, and location apps, and…”), there’s going to be a big drop in adoption rates from lay users. And last I checked, they outnumber the techies and the geeks and the in-betweens. The G-1 is a classic example of this scenario. I don’t know who was behind the phone UI (Google/HTC/T-Mobile), but please stop them from making more phones with such interfaces. It seems more like a rush job (limited testing; no emphasis on giving the user a sane message when something goes wrong; etc.) to please investors and the first wave of eagerly awaiting Android developers who wanted the hardware platform to test their applications.

    The apps themselves are nothing great to write home about. Most of them are Android ports of existing applications, and there’s no cool application unique to the platform (at least none that I have come across so far; if anyone has, please comment).

    So anyway, like I said, it’s making me want to go back to the basics. Maybe I should get that ham radio license while I’m at it.

    UPDATE (01/Apr/09): Fixed typo