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  • Veritas NetBackup Performance Tuning Tips

    Posted on February 22nd, 2006 Sandeep 13 comments

    Is your Veritas (Symantec, now) NetBackup Server agonizingly slow in taking backups? I found this undocumented feature on Veritas’ website, and quadrupled my backup speeds. Without going into too much details, I’ll give a brief on what was happening. From a local hard drive on a Linux box, backup onto a tape library was running at 16 MB/sec.

    That’s slower than a snail with arthritis. Turns out, NetBackup uses certain default values for shared memory buffer sizes (details on Veritas’ website). The values happen to be 8 x 32KB of shared mem buffers.

    To increase the size of the buffers and the number of buffers, you have to create the following two files:

    Simply fill in the values that you need for each. A good number for SIZE_DATA_BUFFERS would be 131072 (128KB), or, if your tape drive supports it, 262144. You can also choose to have 16 such buffers by typing in this number in the NUMBER_DATA_BUFFERS file. Note that you may have to increase the shared mem limits on your system before doing this.

    This is applicable to a whole lot of previous versions of NetBackup starting from 3.4, and it works with the latest 6.0 version as well. If this is a performance tuning tip, why the heck wasn’t it included in the manuals? Or (uh-oh), does it come under paid support category? That doesn’t make sense, since they have published it on their website. Oh well, whatever.

  • Carbide.c++ Express 1.0 Released

    Posted on February 21st, 2006 Sandeep 1 comment

    Carbide.c++ Express 1.0 is out! Get your copy now.

    Carbide.c++ is an Eclipse-based IDE for developing Symbian applications.

  • Calm before the storm

    Posted on February 12th, 2006 Sandeep No comments

    I am currently in Berkeley Heights, New Jersey. We have a severe winter storm alert here, with snow starting Saturday evening and lasting through early afternoon on Sunday. says we can expect 6-12 inches of snow.

    There goes my weekend. I was planning to visit NYC, but that’s not going to happen. I went there last week, and managed to visit the American Museum of Natural History. Sadly, one day is not sufficient to see the place. I commute by train, and I hate driving even though I can drive a vehicle in NJ/NY with an Indian driving license.

    Acer TravelMate C110

    In other news, I will be buying an Acer TravelMate C110 convertible tablet PC. Blame it on Robert Scoble for drilling the tablet PC. Of course, I am buying a used one – so I can give it a try. If I find it useful enough, I may go for a new one when I get the moolah.

    At the moment, for office work, I am using a Dell Inspiron 4100 running a PIII 1GHz processor.

    As for this post, I will write a more detailed post soon.

  • Gmail

    Posted on February 3rd, 2006 Sandeep No comments

    Gmail sucks. Get over it.