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  • Google musings

    Posted on November 22nd, 2005 Sandeep No comments

    Google Talk: picked up last month, dropped it in two days
    Google Base: picked up yesterday, out today
    Google Reader: picked up 28/Oct, dropped 28/Oct

    Weird. Unless I’m completely missing something, I see a strange pattern here. Can anybody confirm if they’ve had similar experiences?

  • Xbox 360 Zero Hour Event

    Posted on November 22nd, 2005 Sandeep No comments

    How exactly was the Xbox 360 Zero Hour Event? Check out notes from the event from the guys at The Whack. Complete with pictures. You’ll be jealous – be warned!

  • NetFront Install Base

    Posted on November 22nd, 2005 Sandeep No comments

    NetFront S60 Browser

    Well, whaddaya know? My favorite browser (read NetFront) just crossed 200 million deployments worldwide. No wonder the versatile little browser is leading the pack when it comes to hand-helds. But what you may not know is that it is available for a range of other devices as well, including digital TVs, car navigation systems and dedicated Internet terminals. The total number of individual devices powered by NetFront stands at 720 – a rare achievement indeed.

    While NF 3.3 was released this Jan, I haven’t yet given it a try (it came bundled with my sister’s Nokia 6670). I still use NF 3.2 on my 3650.

    For those who came in late, a brief summary of NetFront 3.3:

    • HTML 4.01
    • xHTML 1.0
    • cHTML
    • WML 1.3
    • SSL 3.0
    • HTTP 1.1
    • JavaScript 1.5
    • CSS and more
  • +1 Erik Thauvin

    Posted on November 17th, 2005 Sandeep No comments

    What, it’s been a year already?

    Happy Birthday, Erik!

  • Keil microVision3 8051 MCU

    Posted on November 16th, 2005 Sandeep 3 comments

    Keil has an updated version of its tools for 8051 MCU development, the new ┬ÁVision3 and C51 v8.0 optimizing compiler. I have used Keil’s tools a long time ago (and I do mean, a long, long time), when I was in college.

    If you are interested, you can order a CD-ROM containing free evaluation tools from Keil. I am hoping the new version of the CD-ROM also has ┬ÁVision3.

  • Micro Mini Hard Drive from Iomega

    Posted on November 11th, 2005 Sandeep No comments

    Check out the Micro Mini Hard Drive from Iomega. So for $130 you get a 4GB credit card sized hard drive. Now I know what I want. Well, it’s not as thin as a credit card of course, but useful nonetheless.

    Disclaimer: I wrote that post (but I really do want the drive).

    Fixed link, nothing else.