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  • Blooper

    Posted on April 27th, 2005 Sandeep No comments

    Check out this article in The Register, which points to this April 1 prank by The Hindustan Times.


  • Nokia Nseries

    Posted on April 27th, 2005 Sandeep No comments

    All righty. Trust Nokia to come out with something like the Nokia N91: a Series 60 jukebox. Yes, you heard that right! Check it out for yourself.

    This drool-worthy mobile has 4GB of internal memory for your songs. And connectivity, you ask? 3G, WLAN (802.11b/g), USB 2.0, Bluetooth. I just saw that it also has a Music User profile – SIM-less operation (otherwise known as flight mode – allowing you to carry it along as any other music player.

    It’s not clear what Nokia means by “Smart integration with music services.” Ditto with “Download new music over the air to your Nokia N91.” Let’s just hope we are spared 4-5MB downloads OTA.

    I didn’t see any mention of Flash Lite being pre-installed, but that’s ok. As long as Python runs on it. :-)

  • Silence

    Posted on April 27th, 2005 Sandeep No comments

    If you’re wondering about the recent silence — some changes are afoot. Stay tuned.

  • Stop Press!

    Posted on April 21st, 2005 Sandeep No comments

    Too bad, I already published my previous entry. Anyway, here goes:
    Motorola is set to release the iTunes phone (via Erik)

  • When will users win?

    Posted on April 21st, 2005 Sandeep No comments

    Mobile operators have gone all out to prevent Motorola from releasing their iTunes phone. For those who came in late, the reason is they don’t want their customers to purchase music from Apple’s iTunes Music Store (which is sweet) – they expect customers to buy music OTA (which is not sweet, considering the insane download costs involved).

    So Motorola went on to create the E275, a CDMA phone supporting EV-DO. Yes, now you can purchase songs direct from your operator! One cool thing I like about the E275 is the built-in FM transmitter (very iTrip-esque) so you can tune your car stereo appropriately. I digress…

    So, what’s in it for users? I’m guessing it’s not going to be as cost-effective as buying music at ITMS.

    Consider again the recent Skype announcement that they are building clients for Symbian and other smartphones. I point you to this article in The Feature for a take on why Skype on mobiles may be over-hyped. Obviously, users cannot expect to make free/nearly free VoIP calls from their mobiles.

    When will the users win?

  • Customizable AdSense ads

    Posted on April 15th, 2005 Sandeep No comments

    Problogger reports that Google is trying out customizable AdSense ads. Up until now, publishers had to be content with the size and number of ads Google delivered. Now, a limited set of publishers are being allowed to customize these options.

    How do you find out which sites are participating? Simple, use Google! Just do a search for google_max_num_ads and get a list of sites running customized ads.

  • Google Video Upload Program

    Posted on April 14th, 2005 Sandeep 7 comments

    I just signed up for Google Video Upload Program. I’m quoting here one interesting point from the TOS:

    9. Payment. You may designate a price for playback of Your Authorized Content in the Uploading Form. In the event We decide in our sole discretion to charge for video playback of any of Your Authorized Content, We will pay to You seventy percent (70%) of the gross revenues, if any, recognized by Google and attributable to such video playback of Your Authorized Content based upon the price you designate. If We incur extraordinary costs and expenses in hosting, indexing and displaying Your Authorized Content relative to its designated price, then We may retain a greater percentage of the revenues in order to defray these costs. If You have not designated a price for Your Authorized Content and We incur extraordinary costs and expenses in hosting, indexing and displaying Your Authorized Content, we may charge a fee in order to defray these costs.

    I don’t have too many videos. Heck, now that I think of it, most of them are from my mobile ;-) Ok, need to convert the 3GP videos into an acceptable format (read MPEG, AVI, RA, MOV, WMV, ASF) for Google’s service.

    I downloaded the Uploader tool, but it fails to log in to my account, giving an “Invalid SSL certificate, connection aborted” message. Huh?

    Well, until the above problem is resolved, I can’t try out the service. Too bad.

  • Word count for your MT blog

    Posted on April 13th, 2005 Sandeep 4 comments

    I couldn’t find any script to count the total number of words in my MT blog, so I churned out this little thing. It’s way too simple (no checking for HTML tags, etc.), but seems to work for my blog: it shows Techbook has a total of 34460 words (not including those in this entry).

    The MT import file format is here, in case you want to customize the script.

  • Uniball Jetstream SX-210

    Posted on April 11th, 2005 Sandeep 2 comments

    This is one of the finest pens I’ve ever used. The writing is so smooth, you have to use it to believe it. Bee-yoo-tee-full.

    If you are in Bangalore, the only place you get it is this stationery store on Commercial Street (if I remember the name, I’ll update this post). Costs Rs.70.

  • Another Gmail bug

    Posted on April 11th, 2005 Sandeep No comments

    Heh, when you empty the Trash, you still get the message “No conversations in the trash. Who needs to delete when you have 1000 MB of storage?!”

    BTW, as of today, I have 2081 MB of Gmail space.