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  • Firefox 1.0.2

    Posted on March 31st, 2005 Sandeep 2 comments

    Here’s a neat thing in Firefox 1.0.2:

    The top-right corner, which earlier supported only Google search, now includes Yahoo!, A9, Creative Commons, and eBay searches. You can add your own search engines as well.

    If you are a keyboard freak like me (I hate to use the mouse and prefer to use keyboard shortcuts wherever possible), to cycle through the different engines, simply hit Ctrl+Up or Ctrl+Down and type in your query.

    Premshree pointed out that the multiple search engine option was there in earlier versions as well. Heh, don’t know how I missed that. Probably saw the “G” icon and didn’t even explore more.

    Update 2:
    After upgrading to 1.0.2, I proceeded to upgrade a few of the extensions and the whole shebang happened. I had to uninstall the whole thing, remove my profile (luckily salvaged bookmarks.html) and then do a fresh install of 1.0.2. Urgh.

  • Yahoo! 360°

    Posted on March 29th, 2005 Sandeep No comments

    Bhasker will be providing me with an invite to Yahoo! 360°. Let’s hope I can do a quickie review of it today.

  • Tutorials on Techbook

    Posted on March 28th, 2005 Sandeep 1 comment

    Based on the hits I’m getting from Google searches, I’m listing here some useful info/tutorials available on Techbook:

    Install FExplorer… with just an MMC card reader!
    Re-creating the Windows Show Desktop icon
    Getting feedparser to work on Python for Series 60
    Python and SOAP
    Series 60: some useful files and their locations

    And to top it, another tutorial right here:
    Abdul wanted to know if it’s possible to get online from your mobile using a Bluetooth connection with your PC/laptop. This is possible with my 3650, but Nokia seems to have disabled this *super-neat* feature from the 6600 onwards. IAC, I’m listing the steps I followed to get it working, so if any of you can confirm that it works on other models as well, I’d be interested to know:

    1. Create an Access Point with the following settings:
    Connection Name: Bluetooth
    Data Bearer: GPRS
    Access Point Name: None
    Username: Blank
    Password: Blank
    Gateway IP:
    Connection Security: Off
    Session Mode: Permanent
    Advanced Settings >
    Phone IP Adress: Dynamic
    Primary Name Server: (your nameserver)

    2. Set up a Bluetooth serial port connection between your laptop and phone using mRouter (the software that comes with Nokia PC Suite)

    3. I installed NetFront browser and set the default Access Point as “Bluetooth” (created in step 1)

    4. Start surfing! For screenshots, check my blog post.

  • Wish List

    Posted on March 24th, 2005 Sandeep No comments

    Things on my wish list right now (I’m too lazy to create one on, so bear with me):

    * Sony PlayStation Portable (bet you didn’t know that one, did you?)
    * N-Gage QD: at $99, if anyone’s planning to get into mobile application development, this is one kick-ass offer; of course, you don’t get a camera phone but read it again – it’s $99 for a Symbian-powered Series 60 smartphone!
    * iDash for my car: they are planning on an alpha release this April
    * A nice long vacation in the North Pole somewhere

    Oh, and by the way, tomorrow is a holiday on account of Good Friday. Now for that much needed sleep that I’ve been putting off since last Saturday…

  • Mobile services galore

    Posted on March 22nd, 2005 Sandeep No comments

    India and Pakistan are playing a test cricket match in Bangalore, and you can purchase tickets on your mobile. The ‘ticket’ will be sent to you as an SMS, and you need to flash this to gain entrance to the stadium. It’s actually going to be a unique bar-coded picture message that you receive on your phone. More details on Spice’s website.

    Yahoo! India, celebrating Yahoo!’s 10th birthday, has launched a mobile festival of sorts, allowing mobile users to download a range of content (wallpapers, ringtones, games, etc.) free of cost. The festival is on from 21st to 31st of this month. More details here. I tried it just now, but the SMS is not going through (I get a “Message sending failed” message). Clogged, already?

  • Flickr

    Posted on March 21st, 2005 Sandeep No comments

    Hey, what happened to the Google ads on Flickr’s website? Oh wait, Yahoo! just bought Flickr. So, umm, will we be seeing Overture ads now, I wonder?

  • Firefox blues

    Posted on March 21st, 2005 Sandeep No comments

    Firefox and websites with Java applets don’t mix, at least for me, on Windows 2000. There have been several instances where it simply freezes, leaving me with no choice but to kill it.

    The funny part is this started happening after a few Windows-specific patches were pushed down my system by our company’s IT department. Now, don’t ask me if this is a coincidence, but I’m still baffled. I am ashamed to admit that I haven’t tried out the Linux version of the browser (yeah, we do have Linux systems here!). Has anyone faced a similar issue?

    I have about 16 submissions from my Mozilla Quality Feedback Agent (you can check yours by executing $FIREFOX\components\talkback.exe).

    In other news, to see how India compares to the world at large when it comes to the latest mobile phone releases, check out this article in The Telegraph; quoting from the article:

    Almost 75 per cent of consumers surveyed in India and China and 67 per cent in South America said they upgraded their cellphones more frequently than any other gadget. This compares to 47 per cent of American and 38 per cent of French consumers.

    Gee, I wish I could afford to upgrade that frequently.

  • ETech Summary

    Posted on March 17th, 2005 Sandeep No comments

    Mike summarizes his experiences over at ETech 2005. And he also mentions that the session on Python for Series 60 could be his favorite!

  • Google AdSense update

    Posted on March 16th, 2005 Sandeep No comments

    Google has updated their AdSense T&C. They’ve also added a new ad format called Ad Links. More details at Google Blogoscoped.

    So they now give out cheques in Indian Rupees as well (apart from 42 other currencies). That’s good for me. I updated my AdSense settings to receive payment in INR now.

  • Series 60 Information

    Posted on March 15th, 2005 Sandeep 1 comment

    Some information related to Series 60 smartphones:

    Welcome image: C:\system\Data\welcomeimage.mbm
    Wallpaper: C:\system\Data\backgroundimage.mbm
    Ringtone information: C:\system\Shareddata\100058fa.ini
    Bluetooth information: C:\system\Shareddata\10005952.ini
    Alarm information: C:\system\Shareddata\1000599e.ini
    Currency converter data: C:\system\Data\UnitConverter.ini (yet to decipher the file format)
    Version file: Z:\System\Versions\sw.txt

    Of course, all this is relevant to Nokia Series 60 phones (in particular, my 3650). It may be different for your model.