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  • Desperately want to use a Bluetooth headset?

    Posted on May 27th, 2004 Sandeep No comments

    Nokia – Phones – Enhancements – Wireless Audio Adapter

    Wow. If you are that desperate to use a Bluetooth headset for your non-Bluetooth mobile phone, Nokia has a solution. The idea is great, but the usability may not be.

  • Cool Stuff in IE

    Posted on May 26th, 2004 Sandeep 1 comment

    (Thanks, Raymond!)

    Raymond explains a technique to get a “View in Mozilla” option for Internet Explorer. Cool! I keep switching between Mozilla and IE for various reasons, the primary reason being Mozilla hogs my memory like hell. With this tip, I can be viewing whatever I want in IE and shift to Mozilla only when necessary (and by necessary, I mean, when I feel that I require tabbed browsing :-P).

  • Bluetooth computer mouse

    Posted on May 26th, 2004 Sandeep No comments

    Can somebody please explain to me the need for a Bluetooth mouse for your computer? I mean, it’s great that you don’t have to worry about wires anymore, but I expect that thing to suck your battery quite frequently. Although I haven’t really tested this with a Bluetooth mouse, I am sure many of you would have this doubt.

    If you are a manufacturer of such mice and have a distribution center in India, please get back to me. I would be glad to write an honest review of the product on Techbook.

    Heck, if you are a manufacturer of any gizmo related to mobile phones, computers, Bluetooth, etc., I would be very happy to review your product out here. I would like the gizmo to be with me for at least 15 days to give me time to get myself familiar with the product and try it out to give feedback.

  • MSI BIOS upgrade necessary?

    Posted on May 25th, 2004 Sandeep No comments

    There’s something wrong with my desktop at home. It uses MSI‘s Neo (875P chipset) motherboard. I have the LSR version, which differs from the FIS2R version – leaving me with no support for gigabit LAN, Firewire, and RAID.

    It was fine the past few months, but since last week, it’s been acting up. Just refuses to boot up the system. Heck, forget booting, I can’t even get to the BIOS menu. So a virus attack can (hopefully) be eliminated as the cause for this. However, at times (very rarely), I am able to get to the point where I can enter the BIOS setup. Even if I restore the settings to “Defaults”, nothing works.

    The hard drive, a Maxtor 40 GB 7200 RPM drive, works fine – I tested it at a friend’s place.

    Could it be the display card having some issues, preventing the motherboard from booting? I wonder… I still have a 1 MB PCI-VGA card for that system (ROTFL). I haven’t tried flashing the BIOS. A new version is available for download from MSI’s site. I may be trying this next.

    Of course, no matter what I do, I have my own doubts if I can get Linux to install successfully on it. I have tried Red Hat Linux 9, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3 and Fedora Core 1 – and all three failed miserably citing a kernel panic during installation(!).

  • Pocket PC phone from AT&T

    Posted on May 24th, 2004 Sandeep No comments

    (Found via Engadget)

    Audiovox and AT&T have come up with PPC4100 – a Pocket PC with tri-band GSM/GPRS support. Specs look good. Biggest disappointment? No bluetooth; only IrDA. Is it so hard to deliver a decent smartphone? Frankly, IrDA is so out-dated.

  • Tea

    Posted on May 23rd, 2004 Sandeep 1 comment

    I haven’t yet had my cup of chai for the day. I want my tea!

    If you Google for “tea”, the first site actually leads you to the Texas Education Agency, and I don’t even want to know what that is. The links that follow offer some very valuable information about the niceties of the drink that is tea. From, the history of tea is a nice read.

    I hate coffee (yes, you read that right – coffee). Tea has been my primary source of sleep deprivation during college. Not that I was studying anything remotely related to my major.

    In other news, Xingtone is a software that allows you to create mobile phone ringtones from WAV/MP3 files (source: BoingBoing). If I’m not mistaken, lots of sites that have polyphonic ringtones for download offer a sampling of the ringtone in MP3 format. So basically, with Xingtone, you can simply download the file and convert it to a polyphonic ringtone (MIDI file) and transfer it to your phone. I wonder how the ringtone sites will deal with the loss.

  • Screenshots from my 3650

    Posted on May 20th, 2004 Sandeep No comments

    This was long overdue.

    NetFront NetFront

    BBC Website in NetFront BBC Website in NetFront

    CVS browsing CVS browsing in NetFront

    Mobipocket Mobipocket

    Wired in Mobipocket Wired in Mobipocket

    Apartment Therapy in Mobipocket Apartment Therapy in Mobipocket

  • And now… Mobile LiveJournal

    Posted on May 20th, 2004 Sandeep No comments

    I had blogged about Midnight Oil, an LJ mobile client. Now, Niko Kumpu and Co. have set up a LiveJournal-based blogging service that is mobile-friendly. Check it out. Of course, it’s a pain to enter more than 3-4 lines at a time (especially with a 3650 :-P).

    (I am on

  • I want an iPod Mini!

    Posted on May 19th, 2004 Sandeep 5 comments

    I drive down to work in my bike (and sometimes in my car – but I hate cars… they are huge gas guzzlers, anyway). Bus is out of the question, as I can’t stand crowds. Well, that’s not entirely true… otherwise I wouldn’t have attended a lot of cool events.

    Anyway, the point is, driving in Bangalore is a pain in the ass. More so when you don’t have an iPod Mini. I used to listen to Radio City (on a pretty decent little Sony AM/FM receiver), but once they switched to the (horrendous) all-Hindi mode, I ditched it. And, I can’t really buy a WorldSpace satellite radio receiver as the damn thing is not mobile.

    Gaahh! Why didn’t Nokia make the 3650 with stereo? This has to be my nth rant on this topic!

  • Fun stuff

    Posted on May 18th, 2004 Sandeep No comments

    I’ve been playing around with the bluetooth dongle that I had blogged about. First, I installed a trial version of NetFront, and set up an access point on my 3650 to access the web via my computer’s network connection. Of course, I had some hiccups setting up this thing. I don’t know how true this is, but I read that you can’t do the same with other smartphones, including Nokia’s own 6600.

    NetFront is very neat. It doesn’t need as much memory as Opera. Since I connect to the net through a proxy server (at office), I simply set the proxy server in NetFront’s Settings tab. It has support for SSL and HTTP/1.1. The damn thing supports JavaScript, even. Not that you can experience it on a 176×208 screen, but still, it does. It allows you to have a cache on your MMC. I set a cache limit of 4 MB. Pity I only have a 16 MB MMC on my phone (I am using the same one that came with the phone). Time for an upgrade, aye mate?

    After having enough of browsing the net, I set up an e-mail account using my company’s SMTP server. No problems here; everything went smoothly. I was even able to send e-mails with attachments.

    AvantGo gave up on me, so I uninstalled it.

    Then I discovered Mobipocket. Ah! It looked like everything I wanted – an eBook reader and RSS reader combined. But there is a catch. With the trial version, you can only subscribe to feeds that are available on their website (only about 500 of them). You have to purchase the eNews Creator separately. Still, at $14.95, it’s worth it. You can seamlessly sync all your RSS feeds directly to the memory card! (Note to self: buy a 256 MB MMC ASAP!)

    I hope I don’t die of information overload. Yeah, right.